A bold design, sculptural, expressing intense dynamic sensations



    A unique architecture combining compactness (4,53m), 5 real seats and a generous boot space (VDA 468l)



    An entirely specific cockpit inspired by aeronautics: cockpit roof, high-color, large center consoles and high-low toggle switches incorporating heads up display



    A unique driving experience through a rigorous dynamic response and precise steering and direct



    Technology for welfare: daytime running road access and hands-free start, navigation system with backup camera eMyWay, second generation lane departure warning system.



    A refined object that mixes original vision and expertise CITROËN



    Authentic materials such as full grain leather and metal. Implementations exclusive just like making bracelet, signature of the DS line



    Customization customized with, for example, seven proposals Leather upholstery including 5 full-grain leather strap and clothing



    Specific work on outdoor lighting (front and rear light designs) and interior (LED)




  • Citroën DS5 benefits from Petrol engine developed with BMW: the THP 160 (BVA6)


  • A unique driving experience! A dynamic road handling without sacrificing comfort! Citroën DS5 offers a "typical" damping to read perfectly the road while remaining easy to control. It gives the impression of being glued to the road while offering passengers a sense of security in all circumstances. Precise and direct, management also participates in this dynamic typing. Provided by a hydraulic pump unit, it offers a progressive and honest answer without being too sensitive, especially in a straight line.


  • With a driving behavior like his style, Citroën DS5 is also fitted as standard with dedicated braking control systems (electronic brakeforce distribution and emergency brake assistance) and maintenance of the path (ABS and ESP), pledges optimal vehicle control in the most difficult situations of conduct. Also standard, Control Intelligent traction. World exclusive, this system secures your movements on thin ice and facilitates the progression of Citroën DS5 on snowy, icy or wet surfaces.




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Hurricane Grey

  • Hurricane Grey

    Gris Hurricane
  • Hickory

  • Vapor grey

    Vapor grey
  • Black perla nera

    Noir perla nera
  • Aluminium Grey

    Gris aluminium
  • Pearl White

    Blanc nacré
  • Grey Galena

    Gris galéna



    Aerodynamic sculpture

    Original creation, Citroën DS5 surprises with its style. It appears as a real aerodynamic sculpture, designed while fluidity and tension, promise dynamic sensations at first sight.

    His sharp eyes, enhanced by the light signature of its LED lights, its distinctive chrome piece saber and the Treaty of his rear wing, give a particularly elegant look.


    Terribly mesmerizing, incredibly attractive and definitely surprising ... Citroën DS5 naturally attracts.



    Elegance details

    Citroen DS5 with the quality and sophistication are expressed in every detail. Alternating chrome decorations (side moldings, dual exhaust nozzles, sword ...) and black shiny (headbands front and rear window lickers ...) and shape of diamond alloy wheels generous diameter and dress her statuesque figure


    It is available in seven exterior colors. Citroën DS5 is an exceptional object designed to meet and exceed most expectations.


    Online DS

    From the first glance, Citroen DS5 says his place in the DS line, also made up of the Citroën DS3 and DS4. The vehicles of the DS line is characterized by a bias of creation, with an immediately recognizable style, strong in imagination and emotion, quality of presentation, new driving sensations and real benefits for everyday use.


    Symbol of innovation and know-how, style and technology, the DS line expresses a new way of thinking automotive future. Inspired by a heritage that carries with it the genes of innovation and distinction future.

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    Aboard Citroën DS5, you are transported into a world reminiscent of aeronautics, with a cockpit designed in the spirit of a real cockpit. It combines coupe posture to the world of Gran Turismo: wraparound fascia panel, steering wheel verticalised with a broad flat, the driver-oriented information, large center console, small shifter ...


    Technology aboard Citroën DS5 does not compromise driving enjoyment. Particularly innovative feature, the high projected head-up display in color on a transparent plate (in the direct field of vision of the driver) the essential driving information. It allows a more relaxed driving, without taking your eyes off the road.



    On board, the imagination is in full swing! Citroën DS5 stands apart from its specific cockpit with fully inspired by the aerospace field and perfectly consistent with the promise of the exterior styling.


    The cockpit roof is the single most symbolic. New interpretation of the sunroof adapted to the world of Citroën DS5, the cockpit roof is organized into three skylights (0,58m2 glass area) concealable individually and creates a unique lighting atmosphere day and night.



    Refined details

    Citroën DS5 has the best expertise of the brand in terms of quality and refinement. It is adorned with authentic and quality materials such as leather Club (smooth full grain leather) and aluminum sets, including some marbled finish.


    Citroën DS5 and manages to combine tradition and innovation, without ever losing its strong personality. The quality and sophistication are expressed in every detail. A sophistication that also qualifies the outstanding work of making "watchband" seats, the true signature of the DS line.




    The onboard lighting plays a big role in the life aboard Citroën DS5. Its interior lighting based on LEDs gradually illuminates the interior. Once installed on board, simply pressing the START push and cockpit comes alive: the transparent strip the heads-up display color unfolds, the three digital tiles and needle handset come alive a ... lighting atmosphere is created.


    To continue this amazing driving experience, the atmosphere aboard Citroën DS5 is quiet ... sounds are deaf and mats. The treatment was particularly well: the sound and noise absorption were carried out as close to emission sources, and all parts of the vehicle have been acoustic treatments.

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    Compact and space

    Citroën DS5 is primarily a non-standard automobile whose intelligence design overcomes the usual compromise between driving pleasure and wellness to share. 4.53 m long (25 cm less than a Citroën C5 sedan) wide and 1.85 m high 1.51 m ... silhouette is sleek and compact.


    Compactness brings a double benefit: greater agility and responsiveness, but also an improvement in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Citroën DS5 but is primarily five real seats, five doors, accessibility and rear passenger sedan.



    Safe and storage

    The compactness of Citroën DS5 is in no way lessened his services on board. Rather, his trunk offers a generous 468 liters VDA volume). Beyond the usual arrangements, the center console has a double compartment under the armrest of 13 liters. The top section is the connection of mobile devices by integrating jack sockets and USB. The lower part, chilled and enlightened as to allow it to accommodate a 1.5 liter.


    The high roof console cockpit hosts two storage "sunglass holder" and the cockpit has an open close to the left hand storage.



    Hifi and multimedia

    Citroën DS5 makes every sense. With ten speakers and digital amplifier, the optional Denon HiFi system transforms the cabin into an auditorium for discerning music lovers. Technology and spatial sound to his CD RDS audio system MP3 6HP offers a real listening pleasure.


    A set of two portable DVD players is also available Accessoirie. It allows the rear passengers to enjoy audio and video with excellent quality



    Navigation eMyWay

    CCitroën DS5 can be equipped with an integrated navigation system of last generation: eMyWay. This particular system has a large color screen 7-inch high resolution, internal memory where the map data is stored, a reminder of the speed limit signs or Bluetooth audio streaming, that is ie the possibility to listen to music stored on his mobile phone.


    The navigation system eMyWay is also associated with a backup camera that sends a color image on the navigation screen. You can maneuver safely.

  • cti-citroen-ds5


    Intelligent traction control

    Whatever the type of road, safety is enhanced by the intelligent traction control Citroën DS5: this system helps to start on slippery surfaces and ensures an optimized grip and traction by limiting wheel spin.


    Coupled with the ESP, the intelligent traction control is a guarantee of an optimal vehicle control in the most difficult situations of conduct.



    Citroen DS5 with the activation or deactivation of the headlamps optional are handled automatically by the lighting conditions and surrounding traffic.


    Indeed, treatment of images from the integrated miniature camera near the interior mirror allows automatic activation and deactivation of the beam, according to the lighting conditions and surrounding traffic for night driving confidence.



    The second warning lane departure generation (lane departure warning) optional is more predictive. Crossings, manifested by a vibration in the driver's seat, are detected with the integrated invisible miniature camera near the interior mirror and recognition technology lines based on digital imaging.


    This technology helps in the treatment of drowsiness at the wheel and enhances your safety.




    Technology aboard Citroën DS5 does not compromise driving enjoyment.


    Particularly innovative feature, the high projected head-up display in color on a transparent plate in the direct field of vision of the driver, the essential driving information.



    Associated with the navigation system eMyWay, reversing camera returns a color image on the navigation screen. With visual cues (red lines to draw the line of the rear bumper and blue lines to indicate the radius of maximum deflection), the driver can maneuver safely.


    The reversing camera simplifies your parking maneuvers ... to absolute serenity.



    Static intersection lighting

    In cornering situation and at low speed (40 km / h max), fog lamps with static intersection lighting shed additional light beam to increase visibility to the inside of the turn or intersection, and up 75 ° left and right of the vehicle.


    The implementation of this equipment is automatic from the moment the driver activates the turn signal, or when the steering wheel angle is 60 °.

    DS505_En détail09_demarrage mains libres


    Start handsfree access

    Citroën DS5 is intuitive. With the start handsfree access function, it recognizes the driver as soon as the approach. The mere presence of the hand behind a handle triggers the opening, and interior lighting LED lights gradually while the cabin. To start, a pulse on the START command enough.

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